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Minds in Action...

...is about Success

Minds in Action is dedicated to the premise that your organization's success is dependent upon the skills possessed by your employees, partners, and members.

As economic conditions grow more complex, the pressure to develop skills quickly and effectively becomes more critical.


 Minds in Action...

...Success through Training


Your training programs must be able to transfer the skills your organization needs when you need them.

Training must deliver relevant skills to the right people at the right time using the best delivery methods.

The success of your training initiatives must be continually measured against their contribution to your organization's goals and objectives.

Minds in Action...

...Success through Professional Certification

You must have a mechanism to assess the skills of your employees, partners, and members.

Professional Certification, Qualification Programs and general assessments must be valid indicators of competence and reliable predictors of performance.

Professional Certification Programs must reflect the quality and commitment of your organization.

Tests and assessments must be of the highest quality, relevant to the test taker and conform to generally accepted standards.


Minds in Action...

...is about Practical and Effective Solutions


Minds in Action has the expertise to help you leverage your organization's resources to develop world-class training and Professional Certification Programs.

Minds in Action is committed to delivering practical solutions that allow you to develop training and Professional Certification Programs that add value to your organization, learners, certification candidates and the constituencies that depend upon their expertise.



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