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Are you targeting the right student audience for your training programs?  Will your organization benefit more from on-the-job learning or should you institute a formal training curriculum?  Is traditional classroom training best for your organization or should you institute an e-learning program?  Should testing be incorporated into your training program?  How should you measure the success of your training initiatives?

These are common questions and the correct answers are dependent upon your organization's needs.  Organizations must balance the effectiveness of their training programs against budgetary and resource constraints and are under increasing pressure to justify the value of their training initiatives.  Yet, without the proper training, skills in an organization will rapidly grow stale, putting the organization at a competitive disadvantage.  How does an organization balance these sometimes-contradictory requirements with the myriad of training deployment methods?

Minds in Action Training Program Evaluation Services can help!  Minds in Action will analyze your requirements and recommend a training deployment strategy tailored to your organization's needs.  Minds in Action will design a strategy that addresses all of your needs within the parameters set by your organization.  As part of the Minds in Action Training Program Evaluation Services, metrics for evaluating your training program's contribution to your organization's success will be established.  Minds in Action will craft a strategy that will allow you to design and deliver training initiatives that provide real, measurable value to your organization. 


Minds in Action Training Program Evaluation Services are customized to your specific needs.  Activities found in typical engagements include:

bullet Identifying the goals and objectives of your organization.
bullet Determining the groups that would benefit most by attending training activities.
bullet Documenting constraints that may limit the types of offered training initiatives.
bullet Comparing training delivery methods and evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of each in your environment.
bullet Establishing a training delivery strategy that best meets the needs of your organization.
bullet Evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of incorporating pre and post training testing in your environment and producing a testing strategy, if applicable.
bullet Establishing metrics to evaluate the effectiveness and return on investment of your training program.
bullet Developing a strategy for measuring the contribution of your training program towards attaining your organization's goals and objectives.


Minds in Action Training Program Evaluation Services are designed for organizations that want to deliver the most effective training in a way that supports the attainment of their organizational goals and objectives.  Minds in Action Training Program Evaluation Services help organizations design training strategies that are practical for their environments and that provide real, measurable value to their organizations.  Recommended solutions will ensure that the training can be delivered within the constraints of your organizational environment, develop skills among students that will be applied within their job environment, and provide justification of its value to your organization.


By using Minds in Action's Training Program Evaluation Services, your organization will receive these benefits:

bullet A training strategy that provides real, measurable value to your organization by developing skills that directly contribute to the attainment of your goals and objectives.
bullet A training delivery plan that allows you to deliver the right training, using the right delivery mechanisms, to the right audience at the right time.
bullet Increased organizational skills are developed using the most effective and practical methods.
bullet Metrics and methods to establish the value your training program provides to your organization.
bullet Increased application of skills needed by your organization.
bullet A relevant training program strategy that will be accepted by your learners and your organization.

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