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Stage 8...

...Measure Business Results

The bottom line: 

Is your training program contributing to the success of your business initiatives?  

Training programs that effectively transfer knowledge and skills are useful, but these programs are not truly successful unless you can establish that the training program enables your employees to successfully contribute to your organization's success.




By measuring the correlation between trained individuals and the success of your business initiatives, you establish the true Return on Investment of your training program. 

You prove the value of your organization's training initiatives and contribute to the success of the "bottom line".

Measuring the correlation between training programs and business success is not a trivial undertaking. 

The appropriate measurement metrics must be established, data collected, and information analyzed. 


Minds in Action can help you develop a plan to incorporate business measurements into your training initiatives, create measurement instruments, and analyze your results. 

By partnering with Minds in Action, you can calculate your training program's return on investment. 

By using our custom services, you can develop a measurement strategy that meets your organization's unique needs. 

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