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...Develop and Deliver Assessment or Certification Vehicle

When developing and delivering a training program, assessments are critical in determining if the student audience is actually retaining the learned information. 

Testing student mastery of knowledge and the students' ability to perform the skills learned during training serves as a mechanism to ensure that the training was effective. 

Without testing, an organization cannot be sure that the training program accomplished its initial goals.




Many organizations institute Professional Certification or qualification programs to determine if individuals can perform certain jobs safely and effectively. 

Although a well designed Professional Certification and qualification program can help determine an individual's capacity to perform a certain job, care must be taken to ensure that the certification, qualification test or assessment is valid for the job.

  Professional Certification tests that are not validated against the actual responsibilities of the job can significantly reduce the effectiveness of the assessment in determining professional competence and may expose the sponsor to legal liabilities.


Minds in Action can help your organization develop valid and effective assessment and certification tests. 

Our services address everything you need to develop valid tests, from the original Job Task Analysis Workshop to final analysis of test performance. 


Minds in Action Testing Services

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