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Stage 4...

...Perform a Job Task Analysis for Each Targeted Profession or Job Role

Once a decision has been made that individuals in given professions or job roles require training, the Job Task Analysis is used to determine the actual training requirements for each job role. 

The Job Task Analysis is the cornerstone of any effective training and assessment program. 

Using the knowledge of individuals already performing the targeted job, along with experts familiar with the direction being sought by your business initiatives, the Job Task Analysis determines the specific training requirements and objectives used to measure mastery of the job role.




An effective Job Task Analysis determines the following:


The actual job tasks performed by members of a given profession.


The environment in which the job tasks are performed and the competence level required of individuals in the targeted profession.


The knowledge, skills, and attitudes an individual must possess to master the job.


The skills a typical member of the profession has, and the skill gaps that must be remedied by training.


The most critical tasks that a member of the profession must master.


Objectives that, when tested, evaluate an individual's mastery of the profession.


By performing a Job Task Analysis before creating a training, assessment, or professional certification program, you are helping to ensure that the training and testing are valid and address the true needs of your organization. 

The Job Task Analysis removes the guessing and biases that often accompany training and testing decisions by using true experts from within your organization to develop the knowledge and skills domain.

Minds in Action can work with you to develop and facilitate a Job Task Analysis strategy to ensure that your training, professional certification, and assessment programs validly target the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required of your employees. 

Our premier offering, the Job Task Analysis Workshop allows you to develop effective and valid training and testing programs. 

By conducting a Minds in Action Job Task Analysis Workshop, you ensure that your training develops relevant skills that will be applied on the job.



The Minds in Action

Job Task Analysis Workshop


The Minds in Action Job Task Analysis Workshop allows you to leverage the skills of your organization to develop a valid knowledge and skills domain quickly and effectively. 

In only four days, you can identify the tasks performed by an individual in a specific job role, document best practices for the profession and create a complete set of objectives that will form the foundation of a valid and relevant training program.

The Minds in Action Job Task Analysis will help you begin the process of developing a truly outstanding training program!


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