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Stage 3...

...Identify Target Professions and Job Roles


The Engagement and Deployment Map created in Stage 2 identified each of the steps required to complete the business initiative as well as the personnel required to perform the tasks. 

Completion criteria for each of the steps have been determined.  

Now we must determine if a training program must be established, and if so, which personnel must be trained. 

An evaluation of the current skill levels of the personnel involved in the business initiative is conducted, and the actual skill gaps between their current and required competencies are documented.

Based upon this analysis, the personnel who will benefit from the establishment of a training program are identified.





Minds in Action


Training Program Evaluation Services



Who should make up the student audience for your training program?

Should you create formal or informal training interventions?

Should your formal training be delivered in a traditional classroom environment or would a distance learning environment better meet your needs?

Should you incorporate testing into your training program?

How should you measure the effectiveness and success of your training program?

These are common questions, yet no set of answers apply to every environment.  You must balance the effectiveness of training delivery alternatives against cost considerations.  You must ensure that your training program is truly effective.

Minds in Action can help.  We can analyze your requirements and suggest the learning delivery strategy that ensures that learning takes place within your organization's budget constraints.

Training programs are not effective unless they provide real measurable value to your organization.

Minds in Action can help you develop a training strategy that will meet your organization's goals.



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