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Stage 2...

...Map the Engagement and Deployment Model

Once the goals and objectives for a business initiative have been established, the actual process used to fulfill the initiative must be defined. 

This stage of the Skills Development and Assessment Octagon requires that the entire engagement and deployment model be mapped.

Each step required to fulfill the goals and objectives of the business initiative is documented, in the order in which each step occurs. 

For each step, the personnel responsible for completion of the activities are identified and the criteria used to evaluate success are documented.

At the conclusion of this stage, a map of the process used to execute the business initiative is created along with a summary of the personnel involved and the performance expectations of each person.




The Minds in Action

Business Initiatives Development Workshop



By holding the Minds in Action Business Initiatives Development Workshop, your organization will be able to identify your key business initiatives, document the goals and objectives of each of your initiatives, develop the criteria used to measure success, and identify the job roles that best contribute to your organization's success -- all in only three days! 

This will allow your organization to target the appropriate job roles and professions for your training program and provide you with metrics to measure your program's contribution to your business goals.

With the Minds in Action Business Initiatives Development Workshop, you don't have to rely on fuzzy generalities to justify the value of your training program. 

Instead, you can now use documented metrics to prove the value of your training program to your organization!


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