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Course Technical Review Workshop

The success of your training program is dependent upon two factors - the credibility of your training materials and the course's congruence to its educational objectives. 

A course with inaccuracies undermines its credibility.  If students are aware of the inaccuracies at the time of training, they tend to discount the value of the entire learning experience.  An even more dangerous situation occurs if learners are not aware of the inaccuracies.  They may try to apply the inaccurate learning on the job - potentially leading to undesirable or disastrous consequences.  The credibility and success of your training program is dependent upon the accuracy of course materials.  Your learners and your organization deserve nothing less than an accurate, effective, and rewarding learning experience.

Even if everything in your course is accurate, the course will provide little value if it doesn't contribute to the success of your organization and individuals in their jobs.  Courses must provide learners with the opportunity to master skills and knowledge defined in the learning objectives for the course.  Well-designed and effective courses are congruent to their published objectives.  Courses that deviate from their objectives diminish the success and effectiveness of the learning experience.  The goal of using the course to attain organizational objectives erodes as courses deviate from their objectives.  The students' ability to apply learned skills and knowledge decreases as trivial and superfluous materials that deviate from the objectives are introduced into the learning experience.  Successful and effective courses enable learners to master defined objectives.


The Minds in Action Course Technical Review Workshop is designed to ensure that your course materials are accurate and support your training goals.  The Course Technical Review Workshop is composed of three major activities:


Before the Course Technical Review Workshop is held, Minds in Action experts will perform an initial review of your course materials.  Minds in Action will review your course materials against the course objectives and document any deviations between the two.  An initial review of the language and grammar used in the course will be performed.  Examples of poor word usage, biases, and potentially inappropriate examples and activities will be noted.  Obvious errors in content will also be documented during this stage.


Following the initial review, an experienced Minds in Action facilitator will lead a team of your subject matter experts through a review of the entire course.  Your organization's subject matter experts will be asked to validate the technical accuracy of the course materials and to verify that any suggested changes do not alter the integrity of the course.  During the workshop, Minds in Action will document identified problems, capture suggested revisions, and validate that these revisions are educationally sound.

bullet Following the workshop, Minds in Action will integrate the suggested changes into your course materials.  During this process, a final check of the content will be performed.  This review will ensure that the revisions are written clearly, contain no grammatical errors, and are free of unintended bias.  At the conclusion of this stage, Minds in Action will review the revised course materials with your organization's representatives.

The length of the Minds in Action Course Technical Review Workshop is dependent upon the length and complexity of the course being evaluated.  Typical Course Technical Review Workshops last from three to five days.


The Minds in Action Course Technical Review Workshop is a critical component in the development of any successful course.  The Course Technical Review Workshop is designed to ensure that your course materials are free of errors, ambiguities, and biases before they are delivered to your students.  The Course Technical Review Workshop also ensures that your learning activities are congruent to the course objectives.  This helps your course earn the respect and acceptance of your students and organization.


Sponsoring a Minds in Action Course Technical Review Workshop can provide the following benefits to your organization:

bullet A high quality course that is free of errors and congruent to your learning objectives.
bullet An effective learning experience that allows students to apply the learned material on the job.
bullet A course that contributes to the attainment of your organization's goals and objectives.
bullet A course that will be respected by both your learners and your organization.
bullet Increased satisfaction among students.

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