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Course Check-Up

Are your existing courses meeting your training requirements?

Are they congruent to your learning objectives?

Are you using the best instructional methods?

Are your course materials clear and error-free?

The Minds in Action Course Check-Up helps you ensure that your existing courses are delivering the right knowledge and skills the right way.  Your learners and your students deserve the best training materials.  Minds in Action will help you ensure that your course is an effective learning activity.


The Minds in Action Course Check-Up evaluates the quality of your course guides for students and instructors.  The Course Check-Up will analyze:


Congruence to published learning objectives.  Minds in Action will review your published learning objectives against the actual materials delivered in the class.  Minds in Action will note instances in which objectives are not met, and will list unpublished learning objectives that are being delivered within your course.  This allows your organization to ensure that your actual training requirements are addressed in your course without wasting time on irrelevant material.


Instructional methods.  Minds in Action will evaluate the selection of instructional methods for each of your lessons to ensure that the best methods are used to facilitate learning.  Minds in Action will evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each instructional method used, and suggest alternative methods, if applicable.

bullet Clarity and grammar.  Minds in Action will evaluate your student and instructional guides to ensure that the material is presented properly and that the information is grammatically correct.  This helps ensure that your course materials will effectively convey the desired message.


The Minds in Action Course Check-Up is intended for use with existing course materials.  The Course Check-Up is designed to ensure that your student and instructor guides are error-free, congruent to your learning objectives, and use the appropriate instructional methods for the material. 


The Minds in Action Course Check-Up can provide the following benefits to your organization:

bullet A course that meets your actual training requirements.
bullet A course that earns the respect of your students by conveying the information clearly and accurately.
bullet Efficient learning by ensuring that your course is free of superfluous material.
bullet Effective learning by incorporating the best instructional methods into your course.

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