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Professional Certification

...is about Validity

Your Professional Certification Program tests and assessments are designed to discriminate between individuals who are qualified to earn your certification credential and those who are less than qualified.

Your certification tests and assessments must be valid indicators of competence and predictors of performance.

Is your certification test written to the appropriate level of difficulty?

Does it discriminate between qualified and less than qualified individuals?

Is your certification test the appropriate length?

Are there any "problem" items on your certification test?




Minds in Action can perform a statistical and trend analysis of your certification tests.

This analysis will identify test items that effectively discriminate between qualified and unqualified individuals.

Just as important, this analysis will identify test items that are not effective, allowing you to fix them or delete them from the test item pool.

By having Minds in Action perform a statistical analysis of your certification test, you ensure that your certification assessments remain a valid indicator of the abilities of your certificants.


Minds in Action

Statistical Test Analysis



Every item (question) on your certification test should serve a purpose.

Each item should effectively discriminate between qualified and less than qualified individuals.

Minds in Action's Statistical Test Analysis will identify test items that are effective predictors of performance and test items that are not.

This allows your organization to continue to deliver a certification examination that meets the highest standards of validity and reliability.


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