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Is your Professional Certification Test accurate?  Nothing undermines the credibility of a certification test more than finding out that answers on the exam are incorrect.

Is your Professional Certification Test scored at the appropriate level?  Is the passing grade set properly, so that all qualified individuals pass the test and all less than qualified individuals fail?

Organizations that sponsor a Minds in Action Test Technical Review Workshop ensure that the quality and integrity of their test is preserved.  The Test Technical Review Workshop is designed to uncover any flaws in your Professional Certification Test before it is released to your certification candidates.  This helps ensure that your test will remain a valid indicator of performance that will be respected by your certification candidates and certificants.

In addition, many organizations are choosing to release their initial Professional Certification Tests to the public as operational beta tests, rather than true beta tests.  When true beta tests are released, the test taker will not receive his or her test score until all test items are validated by a statistical analysis.  Since this requires a large enough pool of test takers to yield meaningful statistical results, the test taker may have to wait several months before receiving his or her scores.  Many organizations report that test takers are dissatisfied with waiting that long before receiving their results.

In an operational beta test, the test taker receives his or her score immediately upon the conclusion of the test.  Test item statistics are still collected for later analysis.  When releasing a Professional Certification Test as an operational beta test, a valid cut (passing) score must be established before the test is released to the public.  Professional Certification Test sponsors choosing to release their test in an operational beta format can have a valid cut (passing) score established as part of the Minds in Action Test Technical Review Workshop.  This can improve the satisfaction of your test takers by informing them of their test results in a timely manner.


Before conducting the Test Technical Review Workshop, Minds in Action experts will perform an initial psychometric review of your test materials.  Minds in Action will review your test items against your test objectives and Test Blueprint, documenting any deviations.  An initial review of the language and grammar used in the test items will be performed, and examples of poor word usage, biases, and potentially inappropriate examples and activities will be flagged for review during the workshop.  Your test items will be evaluated for conformance to test item-writing standards, and deviations will be documented.  Obvious errors in content will also be noted during this stage.

Following the initial review, Minds in Action will provide an experienced facilitator to lead your Test Technical Review Workshop.  During the workshop, your organization's subject matter experts will be asked to validate the technical accuracy of the test items, and to verify that any suggested technical changes do not alter the integrity of the test.  During the Test Technical Review Workshop, Minds in Action will document identified problems, capture suggested revisions, and validate that these revisions are psychometrically sound.

Once all of the test items have been reviewed and poor test items have been revised, Minds in Action will lead your subject matter experts through a process to determine the initial passing score for the test.  At the conclusion of the Test Technical Review Workshop, your organization will have a pool of validated test items ready for delivery along with a suggested pass-fail cut score.

The length of the Minds in Action Test Technical Review Workshop is dependent upon the length and complexity of the test being evaluated.  Typically, Test Technical Review Workshops last from three to five days.


The Minds in Action Test Technical Review Workshop is a critical component in the development of any successful Professional Certification or assessment test.  The Test Technical Review Workshop is designed to ensure that your test is free of errors, ambiguities, and bias before it is delivered to test takers.  The Test Technical Review Workshop also serves as the final validation that your test conforms to accepted testing standards.  This helps ensure that your Professional Certification test or assessment will earn the respect and acceptance of your certification candidates and certificants.

The Minds in Action Test Technical Review Workshop is also designed to provide you with a valid passing score for the initial release of your Professional Certification Test or assessment.  Test items vary in difficulty.  Organizations that assign arbitrary passing scores don't account for variances in difficulty, and run the risk of failing qualified applicants or passing less than qualified test takers.  By using the process included in the Minds in Action Test Technical Review Workshop, your organization will establish a valid passing score that is designed to recognize your qualified candidates and fail your less than qualified test takers.


Sponsoring a Minds in Action Test Technical Review Workshop can provide the following benefits to your organization:

bullet A high quality Professional Certification Test or assessment that is free of errors.
bullet Increased acceptance and respect for your Professional Certification test by certification candidates and certificants.
bullet A Professional Certification Test that conforms to accepted test development standards.
bullet Assurance that your Professional Certification Test will distinguish between qualified and less than qualified certification candidates.
bullet Increased satisfaction among test-takers.

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