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The acceptance and success of your Professional Certification Program is dependent upon how certification candidates perceive the quality of your Certification tests.  Test items must reflect the realities of the job environment of certified individuals.  Test items must be fair - without ambiguity and "trick items."  Tests must conform to governmental regulations and accepted standards so that they are free of cultural, racial, gender, and age bias and that they actually measure performance against predefined objectives.  Finally, test items must be accurate - the stated correct answer must always be correct.

Certification test items are usually created by subject matter experts.  These individuals possess a wealth of knowledge about the subject matter, but rarely have knowledge or experience in applying test development standards to their work.  By conducting a Minds in Action Test Item Writing Workshop, your subject matter experts will learn the fundamental principles of test item design and, under the guidance of a Minds in Action expert, create Professional Certification test items that are relevant to the job and conform to accepted test development standards.  By leveraging the knowledge of your subject matter experts with the expertise of Minds in Action, you can develop Professional Certification test questions that validly assess the qualifications of your certification candidates.


The Minds in Action Test Item Writing Workshop is a multiple-day workshop conducted by an experienced Minds in Action facilitator.  During the first day of the Test Item Writing Workshop, Minds in Action will conduct a training session for your test item writers.  During this training session, the characteristics of valid test items will be discussed, with an emphasis on congruence to objectives, conformance to testing standards and grammatical accuracy.  Your test item writers will create test items and have them critiqued by the Minds in Action testing expert.

Following the training session, your test item writers will be assigned a pool of test objectives, and will independently create test items for their assigned objectives.  The Minds in Action testing expert will remain on hand to perform psychometric reviews of test items as they are written.  This review will evaluate test items for congruence to the Professional Certification Test Blueprint and objectives, conformance to test item standards and grammatical accuracy.  The Minds in Action facilitator will conduct one-on-one training and mentoring for individuals requiring assistance.  A wrap up discussion will be held at the end of each day.

The length of the Minds in Action Test Item Writing Workshop is dependent upon the number of test item writers and the quantity of test items.  Typically, the workshop lasts three to five days.


The Minds in Action Test Item Writing Workshop is designed to facilitate the creation of valid Professional Certification Test items that are congruent to the certification program objectives and that conform to accepted test standards. 

The Test Item Writing Workshop is appropriate for organizations that wish to create valid Professional Certification Tests that accurately predict success on the job.  By conducting a Test Item Writing Workshop, you are ensuring that your test items will be congruent to your Professional Certification Program's test objectives and support your program's goals.  Test items will conform to accepted test development standards, ensuring that your test will be of the highest quality.  Your test items will be free of racial, cultural, gender, and age bias, allowing your Professional Certification Program to be accepted as a reliable, worldwide indicator of competence.  Most importantly, your certification candidates and certificants will recognize the value of your Professional Certification Program in enhancing their own careers.

The value of the Minds in Action Test Item Writing Workshop is not limited to Professional Certification Tests.  Assessment tests, qualification tests, or any other kinds of tests can benefit by having their items written during a Test Item Writing Workshop.


Sponsoring a Minds in Action Test Item Writing Workshop can provide the following benefits to your organization:

bullet Increased acceptance of the validity of your Professional Certification Test by certificants and certification candidates.
bullet Valid test items, free of bias, that may be delivered worldwide.
bullet Professional Certification Test items that conform to accepted testing standards.
bullet Professional Certification Test items that are congruent to your organization's objectives.
bullet The Minds in Action Test Item Writing Workshop provides an outstanding learning experience for test item writers.

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