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The most common complaint among certified individuals is that the certification test was not completely relevant to their job responsibilities.

  Does the certified individual really need to know the date your organization was founded to be successful at her job? 

Does recalling some obscure piece of trivia tucked in the back of an operations manual really predict successful job performance? 

Some certification tests seem to be more an exercise in recalling superfluous trivia, rather than a valid assessment of skills that are truly applied on the job. 

Sadly, these tests fail to effectively perform the central tenet of a certification credential - validating safe and effective job performance.




Minds in Action is dedicated to ensuring that your Professional Certification tests and assessments are valid predictors of the actual job performance of an individual. 

To develop a valid Professional Certification Program you need to build a firm foundation. 

And that foundation is the knowledge and skills domain that is assessed by your Professional Certification Program. 

A valid knowledge and skills domain assesses the tasks that are critical to successful job performance. 

By constructing your  assessments congruent to a valid knowledge and skills domain, you ensure that your Professional Certification Program is an effective instrument that will be valued by your certificants and accepted by your industry.


The Minds in Action

Job Task Analysis Workshop



The Minds in Action Job Task Analysis Workshop allows you to leverage the skills of your organization to develop a valid knowledge and skills domain quickly and effectively. 

In only four days, you can identify the tasks performed by a certified individual, document best practices for the profession and create a complete set of objectives that will form the foundation of a valid and reliable
certification examination.

The Minds in Action Job Task Analysis will help you begin the process of developing a truly outstanding Professional Certification Program!



Minds in Action

Objectives Ranking and Blueprinting Services



Not all tasks performed by individuals in a job are created equal.

Some tasks are more critical to success on the job than others.

Shouldn't your certification assessment emphasize mastery of the important tasks while minimizing the testing of superfluous and trivial information?

Minds in Action Objectives Ranking and Blueprinting Services can help you ensure that you validate the most important skills required of a certified individual and provide you with a blueprint detailing the specific knowledge and skills to be assessed by your Professional Certification Program.


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