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Professional Certification

...is about Perception

Building a Professional Certification Program requires a substantial investment.

Structuring your assessment strategy, securing resources and building a support infrastructure consumes substantial time and money.

But many Professional Certification Program sponsors forget one of the most important factors that affects the success of their program.

The perception others have of your program.




Are you marketing your Professional Certification Program effectively?

Have you identified all of the constituencies affected by your Professional Certification Program?

Have you identified the benefits your Professional Certification Program provides each of these constituencies?

Do you have a marketing program in place to communicate the benefits of your Professional Certification Program to these constituencies?


Minds in Action can help you identify the constituencies serviced by your Professional Certification Program and the benefits your program provides to each of these constituencies.

Minds in Action will then work with you to build a marketing strategy to communicate the value of your Professional Certification Program.

How is your Professional Certification Program perceived?


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