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Professional Certification

...is about Acceptance

Successful Professional Certification Programs are accepted by certificants, certification candidates, and those who use their services as the definitive validation of professional competence.

To be accepted by these constituencies, your program must use the proper assessment methods to validate a candidate's competence in a job role.

Choosing whether to use traditional testing, simulation examinations, practicums, examination of work product, etc. is often a difficult decision.

You must ensure that the assessment methods used in your Professional Certification Program are fair, administered according to generally accepted standards, compliant with laws such as the Americans with Disabilities Act and Equal Opportunity statutes, and may be defended in the event of legal challenge.




Your Professional Certification Program tests and assessments must be delivered economically, yet in ways that maintain the security and integrity of the evaluation instruments.

Minds in Action can help you select a Professional Certification Program assessment selection and delivery strategy that is aligned with your needs and organizational goals and is also accepted by your target certification audience.

Once you have chosen your strategy, Minds in Action can help you develop certification examinations and assessment instruments that support your goals, conform to accepted standards and are relevant to your targeted job roles.

With the help of Minds in Action, your Professional Certification Program will earn the respect and acceptance it deserves.


The Minds in Action

Test Item Writing Workshop



Your Professional Certification Program certification tests will demonstrate your commitment to quality when the test items are developed during the Minds in Action Test Item Writing Workshop. 

During the Test Item Writing Workshop, your subject matter experts will develop psychometrically valid test items that will effectively assess the skills of your certification candidates.

Quality Professional Certification tests use quality assessment instruments that are relevant to the job responsibilities of a certified individual, free of bias and ambiguity, and are compliant with accepted  standards.

By conducting a Minds in Action Test Item Writing Workshop, you ensure that your Professional Certification Program assessments are effective indicators of performance and that your tests will be accepted as valid by your certification candidates.



The Minds in Action

Test Technical Review Workshop



Nothing is more detrimental to your Professional Certification than hearing from your certification candidates that a test item is incorrect.

By holding a Minds in Action Test Technical Review Workshop, your subject matter experts will scrutinize each test item to ensure that the correct answer is truly correct, the distracters (incorrect answers) are always incorrect, and that there is no ambiguity in the test item.

In addition, a valid cut (passing) score will be determined so that your test will be a valid indicator of performance from its inception.

The quality of your certification tests reflect upon the public's perception of your entire organization.

By holding a Minds in Action Test Technical Review Workshop, you will be assured that your certification tests share the quality of all your other offerings.


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